Combi Plus Group II Combination Lock Manipulator & Dialler

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The NEW Combi Plus Group II Combination Lock Manipulator & Dialler is now available from Safe Ventures.
So new that we haven't received the import duty so we cannot commit to a RRP as yet!

Drill Rig

Introducing the latest version of the magnetic safe drilling system which has been refined over the last 15 years. This new design allows the drill and slide to be removed to give full access to the h...

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NEW Fichet Pick/Decoder

Prototype has been proven to work very well on M2i, M2b and the M3 series. These tools will be available to purchase by the end of September...reserve yours now....

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Mauer Code Combi B + B30 SCYTHE Tool

The Scythe tool for the Mauer Code Combi B and Code Combi B30 electronic lock uses the bypass keyway to great effect.These locks are opened very easily within seconds.Comes with instructional media in...

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TSM Safe Manipulation Assistant

The successor to the CB Assistant which is no longer manufactured. This tool\'assists\'with the logging of contact points during dial safe lock manipulation. The Manipulator uses the computer generate...

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We now have the pin and lift tools for Chubb 3G114, 3G110 and Legge curtained lever locks.For the past 20 years we have used pin and cam technology against these locks whilst using the far more sensit...

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Update of Ford Tibbe Instructions

The ford Tibbe lock is a rotary disc mechanism.  All of the discs need to be rotated to a correct position before the side bar can locate into the true gates allowing the lock to open.There have ...

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Chubb 3G110

A big thank you goes out to Simon Owen for providing this informative guide on understanding the Chubb 3G110. I have known Simon a long time and he understands this lock as well as anyone I know. Hope...

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