Drill Rig

Introducing the latest version of the magnetic safe drilling system which has been refined over the last 15 years. This new design allows the drill and slide to be removed to give full access to the hole for punch and drill techniques and for visual inspection.This latest design also incorporates a much more compact slide bracket assembly. The slide assembly is fully adjustable for wear and can be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference. The new switching unit on the side of the stand can be used to control the drill motor meaning only one power lead is required for drill and stand.
The stand is available in 110V or 240V and comes in a larger blow moulded case complete with adjustment tools, cutting oil and oil bottle. Any 43mm pistol drill can be used, however it is optimised for use with the Festool PD 20/4 E. Combined with the Festool Drill motor, the stand can be used in confined spaces where there is limited room between the safe and other obstructions for example a wall or ceiling.
When using an 8inch (200mm) drill bit giving a drilling depth of 6inches (150mm) the drill can be detached from the stand in 22 inches (550mm) of space or can be used in a conventional non detachable manner in 18inches (450mm) of space.The Festool drill is only available in 240V. This drill has the greatest speed range of any current pistol drill on the market and has arnfour speed gearbox and is perfect for safe drilling. The bottom gear gives 0-400rpm and is rated by Festool to drill 18mm diameter holes in mild steel. The top speed of 4000rpm is useful for some types of hard plate drilling. The drill also has an impact mode which can be useful with some concrete barrier materials (pressure must be applied by hand rather than by the main crank to avoid possible damage to the stand). The drills built in LED light system illuminates the drilling area in poor light conditions. The magnetic drill stand 110V or 240V without the drill motor is £725 plus VAT. the Festool drill can be bought from several well-knownrnpower tool dealers for approx £270 inc VAT.