We now have the pin and lift tools for Chubb 3G114, 3G110 and Legge curtained lever locks.

For the past 20 years we have used pin and cam technology against these locks whilst using the far more sensitive pin and lift technology against high security safe locks. The systems are very similar in their application but pin and lift is a more successful and user friendly approach to the problem.

The main reason for change is defeat of the Chubb 110. This is an extremely good quality lock with over 23000 key code possibilities.
Over the years myself and others have struggled on this lock due to lack of feel and what is known as lever slip.

I have recently tested pin and lift against the problem and started to supply a few customers on a trial basis. Below is some feedback that has influenced the decision to make change.

\" I would like to give you some feedback having used the new Chubb 110 pin and cam, or as I refer to it, pin and plunge. I\'ve been using it for a couple of weeks and in that time I\'ve successfully opened eight of these locks. The average opening time is twenty minutes and the longest opening time was just under thirty minutes, this lock had three low lifts.
I feel that the new tool gives a far greater feedback to what is happening inside the lock and makes the decoding process much easier.
I\'ve only been locksmithing for six months and after a couple of hours of bench practice I felt very confident using the tool.\"

These tools will be available on 1st September, all pin and cam toolsrnfor Chubb & Legge Mortise locks will be discontinued. Prices forrnChubb 114 and Legge will be £300.00
Price for Chubb 110 will be £350.00.
There will be an option to buy all three tools in one protective case for £895.00.