Mauer Variator 8 and 11 Lever Pick Decoder

Whilst we know it is possible to pick this lock with a 2 in 1 hobbs pick the amount of time required is considerable. we have therefore developed this tool to reduce time and engineer skill required.

The procedure for using the tool is a two part process. First use the tool as a conventional pick and pick all levers into a true or false gate. At this stage the levers are able to be identified as odd or even, with this information the tool can then be used to determine the true code and open the lock.

The tool works on a pick and form principal whereby each lever is decoded and then the code for that lever is placed into a variable key. Eventually the variable key will have the correct code and the lock will open. Opening times between 20 & 45 minutes. once the lock is in the open position, it is a simple matter to introduce a new key through the locks key changeable mechanism.