Fichet M2/M3 Decoder

System Capabilities
There have been four different safe locks produced by the French company FICHET the oldest of which is now very rare and there are tools that have been produced which are capable of opening it. As a consequence of this, the lock was up-graded and modified to the model M2b, this version is the most common type fitted to safes that have been produced prior to 1996 and is the mechanism that this decoder system was primarily designed for. We have since discovered a further development to the lock (M2i) which makes it even more secure. The new decoder  will defeat this lock without too much difficulty.
Again the newer M3 series has two features of the lock which need to be identified in order for it to be opened (the TILT and the PUSH features). The Tilt feature is identified by way of the Tilt Gauge and this is extremely easy to do. The Push feature is defeated by way of a specially modified pick and this is dependent on the skill of the user. The older tool proved to be ineffective against locks that were pre 1997, however this new tool has addressed this problem and the user should have no problem opening the new M3 series.

Opening Speed
A second generation mechanism should easily be defeated in under 10 minutes. A third generation lock should take about 20 minutes to open.