Ford TIBBE Decoder

System Capabilities
The Ford Tibbe Decoder Pick pictured, is a modified wheel pick which is capable of opening and decoding both the Ford 6 disc and Jaguar 8 disc versions of this locking mechanism. The system can be used on any of the car door locks and the boot or the petrol cover lock. It is suggested that it is used on the front driver or passenger doors as these will disconnect the cars alarm system. Once the door has been successfully opened the tool can be used to identify the locks code so that a key can be constructed for further entries. The system can be used as a variable key so that the lock can be opened a second time without a key and without the requirement to re-pick the mechanism. The system will also work on both old and new versions of this lock unlike many of the other systems which have been developed.

System Limitations
The lock has to be picked open before it can be decoded but this is quite easy to do and requires little practice or skill.

Opening Speed
With a little practice a skilled user should be able to open any lock in an average time of 60 seconds or less plus a further 60 seconds to determine the code.