Union BS Decode System

Although we have called this the Union BS system, this kit also works on Yale and Chubb versions of this lock as well as the lesser quality security versions. The method instantly identifies the code of the lock by taking a plasticine impression of the lever bellies with a specially prepared key. The resulting readings can be examined in order to identify the lever codes and a variable Key can then be assembled to open the lock. The skill level required to use these tools is very minimal.

System Limitations
Some of the readings may refer to more than one lever. This means that the user may need to construct several keys in order to insure success.

Opening Speed

Locks can be successfully decoded and opened in less than 5 minutes.

To the right are a series of example readings that are fairly self explanatory as well as the make up key assembled. It is important to keep the plasticine smooth and only use enough to repalce the matal that has been removed. Talcum powder on the plasticine stops the levers sticking to it.