Stuv 419 92/93/94 eight, nine & eleven lever

This popular lock is not that difficult to pick but every now and then the picking sequence can be a problem. We also produce a make up key that can be used if the lock is decoded either via a scope or from the two in one pick.

Our 2 in 1 Wheel Picks are a tried and tested design, manufactured to the best quality. We now use machining nylon to reduce weight, this also helps to produce a more balanced tool

The wheel pick enables the user to pick open the locks using the automatic spacing device that makes the procedure much easier than other designs. Each tool is fabricated from Stainless Steel and the overall length is slightly longer than the maximum key length.

The only limitation of these tools is skill acquisition and speed. The picking of safe locks is a skill that requires considerable practice in order to become proficient. The user is required to have a good knowledge of the lock mechanism and also needs to develop his manual dexterity before he can achieve the maximum benefit from these tools. The use of a pointing device to plot gates can help.

Opening Speed
A skilled operator with the correct training can usually open this particular safe lock in about 10 – 15 minutes.