Safe Lock Picking Mount

Our Safe Lock Picking frame is ideal for those who want to simulate the true sensation of picking or decoding a lock on a real safe.

The frame consists of a base plate that can be held in a vice or clamped  to a table surface. This is then attached to a Mount plate, where the lock is mounted to and a front plate that is essentially the front of the safe. The front plate has a keyway disc that can be rotated to position one of 8 keyway profiles, it also has a 3mm groove running along the top edge so it can clamp a sheet of plastic to allow the user to plot.

The locks can either be mounted directly to the rear of the mount plate or fixed to the front of the mount plate by using an additional smaller mount plate.

The door thickness simulation can be adjusted by sliding the mount plate back and forth along the two base rails.

This is both great for instruction and practice.