Securefast BS Decode System (New)

This tool is without doubt our easiest product to use. Due to a major flaw in the design this lock is extremely easy to open. This tool exploits a vulnerability that leads to the exact code. 

This system works on the old and new versions of this lock. The card for the new version is shown.

The method instantly identifies the code of the lock by taking a lever reading with the specially designed tool. The readings can be examined in order to identify the lever codes and a variable Key can then be assembled to open the lock. The skill level required to use these tools is very minimal.

System Limitations
Some of the readings may refer to more than one lever. This means that the user may need to construct more than one key in order to insure success. This is a very easy lock to open.

Opening Speed

Locks can be successfully decoded and opened in less than five minutes.

This lock appears in several different paint colours, four of which are pictured here.