ABUS Granite Decoder Pick

System Capabilities
The Abus Granit Decoder Pick is designed for use on the (OLDER) 9 & 7 disc versions of the rotary disc Abus Granit locks. It is particularly effective on the larger 9 disc mechanisms which always contain a No6 code in the top and bottom positions. The system is relatively inexpensive and will not only open the lock but also provide the user with a code enabling him to construct a key for use on future entries. As with the Ford Tibbe System the tool can be used as a variable key so that the lock will not require to be picked a second time even if a key has not been made.

System Limitations
It is always necessary to pick the lock open before it can be decoded but the skill level required is not too high and most users will need minimal practice in order to master the system. Although the decoder is effective on the smaller 6 disc mechanisms these are much more difficult to open and better suited to other methods.

Opening Speed
A skilled user should be able to open a lock in under 3 minutes plus a further 45 seconds to determine the code. As the discs are not spring loaded this time period can be interrupted.

NOTE : As a result of selling this tool commercially Abus have made changes to the design of their locks. The new lock has a modified bottom disc that cannot be used to apply torque to the mechanism. These new locks cannot be decoded with this system.