Curtain Wheel Pick

The Curtain Wheel Pick is basically a modified 2 in 1 Wheel Pick which has been adapted so that it is effective on several locks which have a barrel and curtain. The barrel and curtain mechanism was specifically designed to prevent a lock from being picked with either manual picks or wheel picks, but this system is capable of by-passing this type of defence. The system was initially designed for use on the union 5 lever security and the non BS legge locks. We have since discovered however that the system is equally effective on many other locks with anti pick notches depending on the skill of the user. Unlike some other modified picks this system is effective when used from either side of the door.

This simply a modified 2 in 1 pick and will therefore open the lock but will not provide the user with a code. If the user requires a key for re-entry there are other systems featured on our website which will provide a superior method. However, if a key is not required and conditions are suitable the user will find this system a cheap and effective way of defeating many common locks which were previously considered to be high security.

Opening Speed
With just minimal degree of skill and practice the user should be able to open a 5 lever lock within a time period of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.