Falle Picking Kit

System Capabilities
The Falle-Safe Basic Picking Kit is more than just a set of picking tools. The kit has been specifically designed to make picking both easier and quicker than other tools, and contains many items which are unique to Falle-Safe Securities. When used correctly the tools contained in this kit will enable the user to open approximately 95% of all 5 & 6 Pin Tumbler Locks. These tools have been designed for use by professional entry technicians who fully understand the picking principles.

System Limitations
The limitations of these tools are governed solely by the skill level of the user and the amount of time he dedicates to practice. Personally, we have defeated many high security locking mechanisms including INGERSOLL and KABA by using the tools contained in this kit. There are of course many limitations to the picking procedure. The fact that the procedure does not produce a key and that the user requires an uninterrupted period of time to use the method will naturally make other techniques more suitable. However, a well trained user with good skills will be confident that these tools will do the job in those situations where possible.

Opening Speed
With good training and adequate practice the user should be able to open most locks in under 5 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Kit Contents
The Basic Pick Set contains 50 x different items as listed below

6 Fixed Tension Tools (all different and unique to Fall-Safe).
4 Variable Tension Tools (all different and unique to Fall-Safe).
16 Strip Tension Tools in 4 different widths, 8 straight & 8 twisted.
6 Deep Curve Picks (unique to Fall-Safe).
3 Progressive Curve Picks (all different).
3 Graduated Curve Picks (all different).
4 Thin Curve Picks 2 each of two different designs.
3 Rakes (all different).