Little Black Box

The Little Black Box is designed to eliminate the need to drill the most popular brands of electronic safe locks due to malfunction or lost combination.
The Box connects to the locks through the existing keypad or keypad cable. Once connected it immediately begins the process of opening and resetting the lock with no damage to the safe or the lock itself.
The reset procedure removes any existing codes and replaces them with a new working code.
Works on:
  1. LaGard locks manufactured prior to January 1, 2014: LG Basic, 33E, SafeGard 3600 & 3650, LG Combo.

  2. Sargent & Greenleaf 6120 manufactured from January 2000 to March 2016
On S&G the reset procedure removes and resets the Manager Code and displays the MRC code if present.
SecuRAM Prologic upgrade. Our first upgrade for the Little Black Box will reset and give you a working master code and user code for SecuRam Prologic models L01, B01, L02, L22, L62, L66 and L68. The upgrade is supplied with a SecuRAM module, cable, probe and instructions all of which will fit into a current Little Black Box case. Simple to use just remove the keypad, power on your Little Black Box insert module, cable and probe then follow the on screen prompts to reset the lock. A Little Black Box (LKM522) is required to use the SecuRam module
Little Black Box update #2 will open S&G Spartan and 
S&G Titan locks from first production until February 2016.
 It will also open S&G 6123 locks from 2000 until January 
2016. We have added an exciting new feature to this 
update; the Little Black Box will now work as a keypad
d for S&G, LaGard (analog), and LP Locks. No need to 
have a manufacturers keypad for testing, just unplug the
 cable from the keypad and plug it into your LBB module,
 power on your LBB then enter your pass code and choose
 manual dial. Once you have done this the screen will 
appear as a keypad. Enter a known combination to test the