Impression Light Box

Our new high specification Impressioning Lightbox has been purposely designed and built in the UK for ease of use, high quality and longevity. 

There is a huge demand for key impressioning from both professional locksmiths and hobbyist alike especially since the advent of the new high security cylinders that have appeared on the market over the last few years.

Our Lightbox contains 2 different lighting options which can be selected when ordering. All Lightboxes are built with white light LED’s as standard and a choice of a second colour to suit your personal preference. The second colour can be Blue, or Orange LEDs. Through many years of lock impressioning we have found these 2 additional colours to be of the greatest use for picking up impressioning marks missed under normal white light conditions.

The Lightbox lens has superb clarity along with x 6 magnification, this gives a view of the key that allows even the faintest of marks to be viewed. The key entry point is open which allows any key type to be rotated 360 degrees in order to be easily inspected prior to filing. The Lightbox body is strong and lightweight and will remain looking good for years to come.

Our Lightbox is powered by a 9V battery which is easily accessible through the sprung loaded battery housing on the side of the lightbox body.

Technical information:

122mm high

75mm diameter

1 lb weight

9v battery