Fas 6880 Pick and Form Decoder

The Fas 6880 is unpickable with a two in one pick.

Originally a pin and cam system was developed for this lock. This tool worked well on those locks that had levers inserted in alternate positions. Fas changed the way the locks were assembled , to random positioning of levers, in order to defeat the pin and cam tool.

The pick and form system was developed for this lock in order to overcome the problem.

The system has a setting key that allows levers to be set to different key height positions.
Whilst held in these positions another part of the tool is able to be introduced into the lock in order to test each lever.

The levers that register as being incorrect are then set to a different key height with setting tool until their true position is found.

A skilled user should be able to decode and open a 9 lever lock within 30 minutes.

Martin with pick in use below.